Mortgage Offers
Mortgage Offers

Flexible Penalty Plan
(Prime-based / HIBOR-based plan)


Interest Rate (p.a.)
as low as P-2.5%(P:5%)
Net Rate (p.a.)
as low as 2.5%
Cash Rebate
Prepayment Penalty Period
Loan-to-Value Ratio
Up to 80%*(or up to 90%*)
Loan Tenor
Up to 30 years
Note: According to Mortgage Insurance Programme (MIP), LTV ratio can be up to 80% (for property value at or below HK$10 million); or up to 90% (i. for property value at or below HK$8 million subject to loan cap of HK$7.2 million; and for ii. regular salaried first time homebuyers with a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 50%), subject to bank final approval



The bank/financial institution reserve the right of the final approval of loan application and to adjust the terms and conditions of the above offers without prior notice.

Please call our Mortgage Service Hotline 2889 2886 for more choices of mortgage plans.

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