Gedao mortgage discount
Gedao mortgage discount

Preferential Mortgage Plan
(For Home Ownership Scheme)

Interest Rate (p.a.)
as low as P-2.75%(P:5.25%)
Net Rate (p.a.)
as low as 2.5%
Cash Rebate
up to 1% of loan amount
Prepayment Penalty Period
2 years
Loan-to-Value Ratio
up to 95%(Green Form);
up to 90%(White Form)
Loan Tenor
up to 25 years
Applicants who already pay for land premium can enjoy mortgage plans specialized for private properties.




● The interest rates, terms and conditions above-mentioned are for reference only and may subject to change from time to time by the Bank/ financial institution without prior notice. The mortgage plans are subject to the related terms and conditions. The bank/ financial institution reserves the right to approve the loan application at its decision.

● The maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is up to 90% under Mortgage Insurance Programme (MIP) with relevant terms and regulations, and subject to the final approval. The existing MIP is applicable to residential properties (including completed properties and properties under construction), while new MIP (effective from 16 October 2019) is applicable to completed residential properties only.

● For the mortgage loan, if the cash rebate is more than 1% of the loan amount, the total amount of rebate shall be treated as part of loan amount when calculating LTV ratio. The maximum LTV ratio is subject to relevant guidelines and final approval.

Please call our Mortgage Service Hotline 2889 2886 or Whatsapp 9228 2138 for further details and/or more choices of mortgage plans.

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