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Scope of Service

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We truly understand that clients may not be able to get grasp of the mortgage information when there are numerous plans and offers varied from time to time in the market. Mortgage application is one of essential part in the home-building process. Clients may face difficulties to make the best choice when a variety of features such as floating rate, fixed rate, HIBOR rate, deposit-link, high cash rebate, etc., or the terms and conditions in relation to prepayment penalty, handling charge, etc. appeared on the mortgage plans in the market. We aim at assisting our clients to find the right choice in an efficient and convenient way.

Scope of Service

We provide free mortgage referral service to our clients including:
First-time Buyer   New Home Buyer   Investor   Re-financier

  • Casting around the latest mortgage plans and information
  • Introduce the most preferential mortgage plan in the market
  • Arrange free property valuation
  • Arrange mortgage pre-approval
  • Arrange express mortgage approval

Types of Property:

Residential Properties

  • Private properties
  • Home Ownership Scheme Flats
  • "Tong Lau" (Chinese type aged properties)
  • Village Houses

Non-Residential Properties

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail Shop


Types of Mortgage/Loan:

  • New Mortgage on primary or secondary properties
  • Refinancing
  • Cash-out refinancing
  • Personal Loan/Revolving Loan
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