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2018/02/02 Statistical Analysis on the Mortgage Registration (Jan 2018)

According to Land Registry and Centaline Mortgage Research, a total of 7,612 mortgage registrations for completed residential units were recorded in January, 0.04% more than that recorded in the previous month (7,609 cases). HSBC was the number one bank with 1,882 mortgage registrations for completed units in January, representing 24.7% market share during the same period. Bank of China (Hong Kong) improved steadily with a market share of 24.4% (1,859 cases), only 23 cases different from that of HSBC. Hang Seng Bank ranked third with a market share of 14.8% (1,200 cases) in January.


A total of 887 mortgage registrations for pre-sold unfinished units were recorded in January, representing a significant month-on-month decrease of 14.1%. HSBC still ranked first for 18 consecutive months in the mortgage market for pre-sold unfinished units with 248 accumulated cases, representing a market share of 28%. Bank of China (Hong Kong) ranked second with 21.1% market share. Hang Seng Bank came in third with 17.1% market share.


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